Welcome to Run With Floor

Your Transformative Running Journey Starts Here!

Welcome to Run With Floor

Your Transformative Running Journey Starts Here!

Are you ready to embark on a running journey like no other? I firmly believe that running is not just about achieving certain times or paces. It’s about connecting with your body, mind, and spirit ? it’s about intuitive running.

Ready to run your first marathon? Let’s turn your running dream into a reality together! Remember, this journey is all about you ? your growth, your joy, and your success. I can’t wait to share this exhilarating path with you. Let’s lace up, hit the road, and make your dreams a reality.


Meet Your Intuitive Running Coach

Hi, my name Floor, and I’m thrilled to be your running coach on this incredible journey. As an experienced marathon runner and a firm believer in the power of intuitive running, I’ve discovered that running is not just a physical pursuit but a path to self-discovery and resilience.

Having faced my own hurdles and setbacks, I know how crucial it is to tune into your body, to be present, and to listen to your intuition. My mission is to guide you in mastering these skills so you can overcome challenges and reach new heights in your running journey.

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Your First Marathon

Are you ready to run your first marathon?

Duration: 4-6 months

This personalized coaching program is tailored to guide you in accomplishing your dreams. Together, we’ll delve into the world of intuitive running, incorporating mindfulness, self-acceptance, mindset training, and body awareness. Whether you’re healing from a difficult time or simply seeking personal growth, this program will empower you to run your first marathon.

Don’t just dream, take action! Embrace your true running potential and reach for your dreams. Contact me to start your marathon journey. Let’s lace up, hit the road, and create a remarkable transformation together!

What Does the Personal Program Include?

One-on-One Coaching

During the program we’ll have training sessions together, to track your progress and I’ll guide into you the fundamentals of intuitive running.

Interactive Running Diary

We’ll keep in touch through a running diary that you fill out. Here, you’ll document your daily runs and training sessions.

Coaching Calls

Throughout the coaching program we’ll meet online on a regurlar basis, to discuss your progress and potential challenges.?

Pace Coach

The exciting part? I’ll pace you on the big day. Not in the typical way of running for a certain time, but to ensure you run with confidence.

Personal Education

During the program I share tailored education materials with you about mindset, strength exercises, and more.

Guided Body Scans

While you’re running, I’ll guide you through body scans, helping you explore and connect to your mind and body.

Running Stories and Inspiration

Dive into the world of intuitive running through my blog. Here, I share my personal stories, tips, and lessons from my own running journey. Get inspired, gain valuable insights, and discover how intuitive running can transform not just your running, but your life.

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