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Meet Your Intuitive Running Coach – Floor

Hey there! I’m Floor, and I’m beyond excited to be your running coach on this incredible journey! As a seasoned marathon runner and a firm believer in the transformative power of intuitive running, I’ve discovered that running goes along beyond just a physical activity; it’s a path to self-discovery and resilience.

Running (Ultra)Marathons Against All Odds

You know, I’ve faced my fair share of hurdles and setbacks along the way. From a life-changing accident that broke my ankle to hearing doctors say I’d never run again, I’ve seen it all. But here’s the thing ? I didn’t let that stop me. I ran marathons amid break-ups, battled injuries, and overcame challenges I thought were insurmountable. Each obstacle held valuable lessons and opportunities, making me a stronger and more determined runner.

Unlock the Power of Intuitive Running

Now, my mission is to guide you through the world of intuitive running, where we tune into our bodies, practice mindfulness, embrace self-acceptance, and build a resilient mindset. Whether you’re healing from tough times or seeking personal growth, my 1-on-1 coaching program will empower you to conquer your first marathon.

What Is Intuitive Running?

Intuitive running is not about chasing time or pace; it’s about finding balance and joy in every step. It’s learning to listen to your body’s cues, making mindful choices, and pushing boundaries when it feels right. Your body holds an abundance of wisdom, and together, we’ll unlock its potential. So, you will run your first marathon strong and with confidence!

Dive Deeper into Intuitive Running

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Start Your Transformative Running Journey Today

Ready to take the leap? Contact me, and let’s turn your running dream into a reality together! Remember, this journey is all about you ? your growth, your joy, and your success. I can’t wait to share this exhilarating path with you. Let’s lace up, hit the road, and make your running dream a reality.

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