My Journey into Ultra’s Against All Odds

Discovering Intuitive running by accident


Intuitive running wasn’t always a part of my journey.

It all started with an unexpected twist of fate. Seven years ago, during a training weekend in Germany for my first mountain trail race, I experienced a life-changing accident. While out for a run in the hills near a volcanic lake, I slipped on algae-covered stones and broke my ankle. Yes, I broke my ankle while doing what I love most… running.

The pain was horrifying and I was quickly airlifted to the hospital. The details of the helicopter ride remain hazy in my memory, thanks to the pain medications. I spent ten days in the German hospital, undergoing two surgeries. When I returned home to the Netherlands, I had to go through another surgery because of the lack of mobility in my ankle. It didn’t help.

I had to face the harsh reality of my new condition with reduced mobility, damaged cartilage and a long road to recovery. The doctors advised against running and suggested focusing on cycling instead. But deep down, my passion for running fired up brightly.

For the next six months, I hobbled on crutches, unable to put any weight on my injured foot. The journey to recovery was tough and lasted a gruelling year and a half. I was under treatment in one of the best physiotherapy centres in the Netherlands. But despite all the effort of going there twice a week for 18 months, the message was clear: forget about marathons, forget about running.

Fast forward seven years, I have achieved incredible triumphs. I’ve completed numerous marathons, conquered ultra-distances and even ran 500 kilometres through Serbia, covering a marathon distance per day. Currently, I’m training for the magical 100-mile milestone.

How did I achieve all this against the odds? What’s my secret?

The secret lies in learning to listen to your body. Your body holds a wealth of wisdom and it’s up to you to tap into it. My body has become my most trusted coach, guiding me to push my boundaries further than I ever thought was possible.

Intuitive running

Intuitive running is about diving deeper into the essence of running. It’s more than just a physical challenge; it’s a holistic experience that encompasses the body, mind and soul.

For me, intuitive running is finding balance in all the components. It’s feeling calm and strong while you run. Sounds good, right? What if I tell you that this balance can become your baseline. And that whenever you feel out of balance, for whatever reason, you can use tools, techniques and rely on your intuition and experience to regain that balance. When you truly master it, it becomes effortless, and you enter a state of flow where your body, mind, and soul are in harmony.

Intuitive running has been a transformative journey, teaching me to trust my body’s capabilities even when it goes against the advice of doctors. Over the years, I’ve laid a strong foundation that has made me stronger than ever before. And this is only the beginning…

So, What Are You Waiting For!

Let’s embark on this incredible journey together, where running becomes a path of self-discovery and transformation. The road ahead may be filled with surprises and challenges, but trust me – the beauty lies in the growth and the joy that every stride brings.

Are you ready to embrace intuitive running and unlock your true running potential? Reach out to me, and let’s ignite the fire within you. Your dreams are within reach, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. Let’s lace up our shoes, run with our hearts, and make magic happen!


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